Enduring Legacies: Native Case Studies

Engage your students and expand your curriculum with case studies on Native American subjects.

Featured Case Studies

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Are Tribal Compact Schools the Answer to Improving Native Student Success in Washington? Teresa Winstead, John Hopkins and Michael Vendiola

This case describes the recent Tribal Compact School movement in Washington State which aims to address persistent issues in the educational experiences of Native students. The case explores the rationale for tribal compact schools and other educational initiatives in Washington and the experience of three tribes—the Suquamish, the Muckleshoot, and the Lummi Tribes—that have established tribal compact schools.

Pacific Northwest Salmon Habitat: The Culvert Case and the Power of Treaties Jovana J. Brown, PhD and Brian Footen

American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest signed treaties with the federal government in the 1850’s that preserved their right to fish in their “usual and accustomed” fishing grounds. The tribes have had to continually fight to have this right recognized. U.S. v. Washington, 1974, the Boldt decision, upheld this fishing right and ruled that the tribes were entitled to 50% of the harvestable portion of salmon returning to their usual and accustomed grounds.

Should Indian Sports Mascots Be Repealed? Gary Arthur

Concerns about racism, a lack of sensitivity to diversity, stereotyping, sexism, oppression, and lack of Native American entitlement make up a partial list of issues raised in connection with the use of Native American mascots. Those who support mascot use contend that these mascots praise the traditions and culture of the Native Americans. Language supporting the monitoring or banishment of Native American (NA) mascot use has been introduced in the courts, in school districts, and in at least one national athletic association.