Teaching with Cases

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Our teaching notes provide you with some suggestions, but these are only suggestions, not necessarily THE right way for everyone. So feel free to adapt your approach to what fits your teaching style, your students, and the course expectations.


Tools & Approaches to Assessing Student Learning with Cases

Assessment is a key part of the teaching and learning process.& We want to know what students are learning from using cases. The assessment process should begin with your goals and objectives. What were your learning outcomes for any given case? Our teaching notes contain the writer’s learning outcomes, but the teacher will obviously tailor the learning outcomes to their own students and course goals. There are many ways to assess the impact of cases on students.&;

The Twilight Saga and the Quileute Indian Tribe: Opportunity or Cultural Exploitation?




This case explores the impact of a blockbuster series of books and films, “The Twilight Saga,” on the Quileute Indian Tribe and the small town of Forks, Washington. The Quileute Indian Reservation and the town of Forks are the setting for the “Twilight” series. Twilight is a story of teenage love between Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. The character, Jacob Black, portrayed as a member of the Quileute Tribe and a werewolf, is also vying for Bella’s affection. Numerous fan clubs have organized around Club Jacob and Club Edward.